Empress of China, the only high-rise Chinese roof garden restaurant in San Francisco Chinatown, is lauded as one of the world's most beautiful Oriental restaurants. International gourmet honors and virtually every award of merit that is bestowed upon restaurants of exceptional quality have been conferred on the Empress.

This roof garden retreat features the cuisine of all China in an opulent atmosphere of dynastic splendor and elegance. The interior reflects the beauty, color, and architectural form of the Han Dynasty (206 BC). Matchless city and bay views enhance leisurely dining.

Your favorite Chinese dishes; almond chicken, snow peas with barbecued pork, lobster Cantonese, egg roll, pressed duck, lychee chicken, each with its own fragrance and appeal, are on our award-winning menu.

Empress Garden Court is an image of charm and welcome which reflects the atmosphere of the Dowager's own garden. A pine tree, defined by natural light filtering through the overhead dome is surrounded by banks of seasonal blooms in the marble fountain. The vision of beauty that meets the eyes is indication of the pleasure within for the ultimate in Chinese cuisine.

Pavilion, only such antique wood structure used in a restaurant in America, was inspired by the original creation in the royal pleasure park in Peking. This 30-foot diameter, 50 ton octagonal work-of-art was built in Taiwan by palace craftsmen, shipped to San Francisco, and reassembled here without the use of a single nail.